Hello, I’m Joanna. I’m a designer based in San Francisco. In my past design life, I worked as an industrial designer at SharkNinja, creator of the Shark and Ninja brands.

At SharkNinja I learned how physical products are made. I have hands on experience in the research, ideation, manufacturing, testing, and execution that goes into mass producing a product. Now that I’m designing for the digital world, my past experience has helped me better understand how to successfully launch products.

I am an analytical thinker and an agile learner. Conducting research from your actual users is the foundation to making a great product. I believe in crafting a solution that is truly solving for user's needs. My experience in graphic and visual design brings life to my proposed solutions.

I’m currently working as a Product Designer at Crunchbase. When I’m not designing, you can find me crocheting cacti, diy projects, throwing pottery at hickory clay, or traveling the world (when we're not in a pandemic).

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