Crunchbase, Workflow Tools

My Role

Product Designer


Product Manager, Data Specialists


Crunchbase's missions is to democratize data, a big part of this mission is getting reliable data into the knowledge graph. Crunchbase has a multifaceted approach to data collection including: a network of contributors, venture program partnerships, third party partnerships, and internal data specialists.

Project Context

I joined the Workflows scrum team in 2020 Q1. This team's focus was to build internal workflow tools that help our data specialist monitor, enrich, and add new data into Crunchbase. As the design lead on this team, I designed and shipped an internal workflow tool that would help add over 60k net new companies in just the first quarter of the tool's release.

Questions about the project?

This project has information that is proprietary to Crunchbase that cannot be shared publicly. If you'd like to learn more about Crunchbase's Workflow Tools, please contact me at